Language of the conference

The official languages of the conference are English and Italian. Simultaneous translation (Italian/English and vice versa) will be provided.

Draft programme

Updated to 07/11/2019


"The Congress is accredited by the BAR Association of Rome and it will grant the participants twelve (12) ECTS rights.”

12 November 2019 (Tuesday)
Arrival of AIDP COEX & CODIR members
13 November 2019 (Wednesday)
Morning/Afternoon Arrival of participants
AIDP COEX & CODIR meetings
17h00 - 20h00 Registration of participants
19h00 Evening Evening opening reception
14 November 2019 (Thursday)
9h00 – 10h30 Morning First session - Plenary Opening ceremony
Welcome Address

LUISS University
Italian and foreign institutions
Main Sponsors

Key-note speeches
John Vervaele
Utrecht University and
President AIDP

Paola Severino,
President AIDP – Italian Group,
Vice President Luiss Guido Carli,
Vice President of The Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice
and Human Rights
10h30 – 11h00 Coffee
11h00-12h00 Morning Plenary Introduction and Chair: Katalin Ligeti,
University of Luxembourg

Individual Liability for Business
Involvement in International Crimes

By Stefano Manacorda, University of
Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”

Panel & General Discussion
Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the ICC
Javier Augusto De Luca, Criminal Prosecutor,
Federal Chamber of Criminal Appeals
Vincenzo Militello, University of Palermo
12h00 -13h00 Morning Plenary Prosecuting Corporations for Violations of
International Law: Jurisdictional Issues

By Sabine Gless, University of Basel

Panel & General Discussion
Sara Beale, Duke University
Cedric Ryngaert, Utrecht University
Martin Böse, Universität Bonn
Juliette Lelieur, University of Strasbourg

14h30 -15h30 Afternoon Plenary Prevention, Investigation, and Sanctioning
of Economic Crime

By Ulrich Sieber, Max Planck Institute for
Foreign and International Criminal Law in

Panel & General Discussion
Lorena Bachmaier Winter, Complutense
University of Madrid
Vanessa Franssen, University of Liège
Elisabetta Rosi, Court of Cassation

15h30 -16h30 Afternoon Plenary Food Regulation and Criminal Justice
By Adan Nieto, University of Castilla-La

Panel & General Discussion
Massimo Donini, University of Modena and
Reggio Emilia
Xiumei Wang, Beijing Normal University
Michele Simonato, Adviser at the European
16h30 – 17h00 Coffee
17h00 – 18h30 Afternoon - Parallel sessions Session 1: Combatting Corruption in
International Business

Chair: Alfonso Maria Stile, University of Rome
“La Sapienza”

Nicola Bonucci, Director for Legal Affairs,
OECD – Company and anticorruption policies

Francesco Greco, Chief Prosecutor, Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office – Investigation

Raffaele Cantone, Magistrate,
Former President of the Italian Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) –
Challenges with corruption cases, the Italian experience

Robert Gelli, Secretariat of State for Justice,
ex-General Prosecutor of Aix-en-Provence
– Challenges with corruption cases, the French experience.


Session 2: Financial Markets: Regulatory
and Criminal Enforcement

Chair: Sergio Seminara, University of Pavia,
President Italian Association of Criminal Law

Petra Senkovic, Director General, Secretary of
the Supervisory Board European Central
Bank – Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM)
challenges for criminal law enforcement

Carlo Enrico Paliero, University of Milan –
Double enforcement track, national point of

Magda Bianco, Bank of Italy – Banking
supervision, investigatory powers and

Michiel Luchtman, Utrecht University – The
ne bis in idem issue

20h00 Evening Gala Dinner
15 November 2019 (Friday)
8h30 – 10h30 Morning Plenary Session 3: Global standards for business
criminal law and judicial practice

Chair: Jean-François Thony,
Executive Vice President AIDP
President of The Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights
Prosecutor General of the Court of Appeal of Rennes

Anita Ramasastry, University of Washington
– Ruggie principles

Maria Ramos, Fiscal Federal, Procuraduría de
Crímenes contra la Humanidad –
Investigatory and prosecutorial practice
linked to the developing countries

Gianluca Esposito, Executive Secretary,
Group of States against Corruption (GRECO),
Council of Europe – European policies and

10h30 – 13h00 Visit to the Pope
14h30-16h30 Afternoon Plenary Session 4: Corporate criminal liability
Chair: Luis Arroyo Zapatero, University of
Castilla‐La Mancha

Michael Kelly, Creighton University –
Prosecuting corporations for human rights

Patrizia Grieco, President of ENEL –
Compliance challenges in multinational

Carlos Eduardo A. Japiassú, University
Estácio de Sá – Cooperation of the
corporations with criminal justice,

Luca Carminati, Corporate Internal Audit Director Bracco Group
- Adopting compliance programs in a regulated
and multinational market: the experience of an Italian pharmaceutical Group

Stefano Speroni, Legal Affairs - Senior Executive Vice President Eni
- Corporate Criminal Liability: a tool for harmonious market development
or unfair competition? The need for international regulation

16h30 -18h00 Afternoon Parallel sessions Session 5: Corporate Criminal Law and
Environmental Protection

Conclusions of theVI YPC Symposium “The
Juridical Protection of the Common Home”

Chair: Dominik Brodowski, Member of the AIDP,
Young Penalists Committ, of Directors

Eduardo Saad-Diniz, Young Penalist
Representative AIDP (Brazil)

Megumi Ochi, Young Penalist Representative
AIDP (Japan)

Francesco Mazzacuva, Young Penalist Representative AIDP (Italy)

Roberto M. Carlés, President of the Young Penalist Committee, AIDP Board Member


Session 6: New Technologies as Means for and Tools Against Crime
Chair: Francesco Viganò, Judge of The
Constitutional Court

Lorenzo Picotti, University of Verona –
Substantive aspects

Lani Cossette, Director EU Government
Affairs, Microsoft – Liability of Gatekeepers

Gert Vermeulen, Ghent University - Judicial
investigation and data protection

Session 7: The Curse of Riches: Extracting Nature's Wealth,
Contrasting Claims & Rights and Criminal Law

Chair: Emilio Viano, American University, Washington

Francesca Casella, Director, Italian Section, Survival International, Milan
- Fifty years of battles for indigenous people, nature and humanity

Marco Nicoli, UNIDROIT Foundation, Special Advisor at OECD Development Centre
- A systemic approach to a sustainable business ecosystem

Franco Guariglia, Chief Legal Corporate and Compliance Officer,
Barilla G e R Fratelli Società per Azioni
– Sustainability at Barilla: GYGP into our Brands


18h00 – 18h30 Coffee
18h30 – 20h00 Afternoon Parallel sessions Session 8: Digital Evidence and
Investigating Business Crime

Chair: Tuğçe Duygu Koksal, Human Rights

Barış Erman, Yeditepe University Faculty of
Law Istanbul, and Hasan Sinar, Altınbaş
University Faculty of Law Istanbul -
International judicial cooperation in respect of
the collection, preservation and use of digital
evidence in criminal proceedings

Giulio Illuminati, University of Bologna –
Digital evidence and admissibility

Stanislaw Tosza, Utrecht University - New
technologies and the role of corporations.
Privatization of enforcement and compliance


Session 9: Business integrity: comparing experiences and best practices
Chair: Alfredo Durante Mangoni, Coordinator for Anticorruption, Italian Foreign Ministry

Marco Reggiani, General Counsel SNAM

Giampaolo Leone, Group Compliance Officer TIM

Daniele Novello, General Counsel Total Italia


16 November 2019 (Saturday)
9h00 – 10h30 Morning Plenary Session 10: Moving Towards International
and Supranational Business Criminal

Chair: José Luis de la Cuesta, University of the
Basque Country and Honorary President

Guido Raimondi, Former President of the
European Court of Human Rights - Liability of
companies for serious human rights violations

Peter Csonka, Head of the Criminal Justice
Unit at DG Justice - EU policies on criminal
justice and corporate business

Christine Van den Wyngaert, Former Judge,
International Criminal Court – International
criminal justice and criminal liability of
businesses for international core crimes

10h30 – 12h30 Morning Plenary Statement
John Vervaele - Corporate compliance and criminal liability of corporations
in the light of corporate social responsibility and human rights obligations

Paola Severino

Draft scientific agenda of the upcoming
scientific cycle – Katalin Ligeti

Prize Ceremony
-Jescheck Prize 2019
-The Vespasian V. Pella Medal for the period 2020-2030
-M. Cherif Bassiouni Siracusa Prize 2019
14h30 -16h30 Afternoon Plenary General Assembly of the AIDP - Elections
Meeting of newly elected AIDP bodies
Departure of participants

The Congress is accredited by the BAR Association of Rome and it will grant the participants twelve (12) ECTS rights.”